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As stated in the US server:

Is this the same model you used with DDO?

It’s very similar in a large number of ways. The basic structure is the same with some changes made to support LOTRO’s different game world and wide-open environment. Customer levels, the LOTRO Store, and other aspects of LOTRO Free-to-Play are all very similar to those of Dungeons and Dragons Online®: Eberron Unlimited™.

So what happens in the DDO:

As of September 9, 2009, DDO can be free to play in the USA, with an available micro-transaction store;

There are five DDO servers for the North American market (merged from the original 14), named after geographic aspects of Eberron. For the European market there were initially five servers, named after Eberron deities. After a server merge in early 2007, two remain.

In Europe the game is maintained by Codemasters and remains subscription based, although European users can register and play for free on the Turbine servers in the USA.

What does this mean:

As we all noticed during the last months and Kaska was shouting from the beginning of the year this game is dying. Practically this is its obituary. Allowing people to play for free will stop people from joining the EU under subscription servers. Plus when something is for free there are no expectations for quality expansions, new things etc., etc.

This is simply an easy way out for Turbine to avoid law suits from people who spent money and TIME in this game. I was mistaken when i assumed that Mirkwood was an intermediate step till Rohan (a Moria like) region would appear. I expect nothing more from now on from this company. It was our mistake we trusted Turbine since they did exactly the same with DDO a year back. Instead of trying to improve themselves and become more competitive they just took as much profit as they could (tried to convince us that SoM is a new expansion although same size in content as some of their previous books) and now they 'll move to something new. I am pretty sure in a few months Turbine will announce a new MMOPG coming out.
Rest assured i ll not make the same mistake twice...
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