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Check the loot distribution system sticky. After discussion we have decided that we will allow players on full set to suicide for jewelry.
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Apr 26, 2010 at 11:27 PM
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wind of changes

again changes must be done to maintain this kinship strenght...Many players including myself is waiting... news about game...personally i have no interest raiding at all,but for the good of this kin is important to raid regular bases.
VM-is still good fun raid
DN- also good fun and a little bit of challenge also.
BG-personally i dislike this raid coz its damn boring, but i willing to participate as far as other kinmembers think im am important part of sucess.

but for the health of this kin we need to raid thoses instances regular basics 1-3 times a week.or more
i havent talk to Mirk and Maska yet... but i have feeling that they would agree with me

so far Kaska was the raid leader and he did all this very good,but as u all know he is quitting the game,permanent.

so i was thinking that we need persons who is willing to but raids together and lead,its a hard task i know, i can lead raids but im diffrent then Kaska, i dont like to repeat every single detail all over again several times. and i hate pre raid sitution when i must wait for people and search for suitable classes people etc... i play this game for fun and that will ruin my fun.

so again that is my personal opinion and this still needs to discuss with all of you.
but if we have 1-many person/s who thinks he can do thoses tasks and perform well then its good. but the person must step up and choose your role, if not then this kin will fall apart.

if we find that kind of person then we are saved.